Thirty Two Years Ago…

On this date in 1977: my mother gave birth to me at Carbondale Memorial Hospital.  I think at 7:30am.  (I need to ask her again at what time it really was.)  She was 28 years old, a new wife, could barely speak english, and was living with her in-laws.  My parents met and married in Israel a little over a year before I was born.  They traveled some after they were married and then moved back to my dad’s hometown. 

The only other interesting thing that happened on this date in 1977 was that Reggie Jackson hits three consecutive home runs, all on the first pitch, to lead the New York Yankees to the World Series championship over Los Angeles in six games.

 Darrelynn made this pumpkin for me for my birthday party.  I’ve never had a pumpkin carved just for me!   Thanks Darrelynn!  In fact, I’ve never carved one myself either.  I may just need to give it a try.  


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