Christmas Ornaments

I found this ornament at
They are white pipe cleaners with clear beads on them.  The pipe cleaners at wal-mart are $2.17 a bag, and the bag of beads are $3.17 a bag.  You need at least two bags of beads per one bag of pipe cleaners.  You could stretch the last bag to finish.  They make about 16 big ornaments, but if you cut the pipe cleaners smaller it can make more.  The instructions on the site says that you take 6 pipe cleaners and cut them in half.  Then take one of the pieces and bind them together.  Once bound you flare them apart and I placed 3 beads on each stem.  My 6-year-old daughter helped make them and it was enjoyable.  She didn’t help make all of them though because she got distracted.

There is another construction paper ornament that is really nice too that I’ll post a picture of later.  We have been struggling with the internet company so uploading is very very difficult.


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