Funny Story

Have you ever looked frantically for your wedding rings because you misplaced them?  I certainly have and thankfully found them every time.  This story is about a friend who misplaced her rings and found them in the funniest place ever in my opinion.

My friend had gone tanning and placed her ring on top of her clothing.  She wanted to make sure that she put her rings on first after finishing.  She leaves and realizes she does not have her rings on so she starts looking frantically.  She goes back to the salon to look for it.  The room she had been in was being used so she had to wait.  She is really getting scared now.  She goes into the room and searches top to bottom.  It’s not going well.  She decides to retrace her steps in the room.  She thinks and thinks and she says to herself, “my ring couldn’t possibly be in my underwear.”  Bingo! 

P.S. I did get permission to tell this story.


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