Peppermint Fudge Finished


Here is a picture of how my peppermint fudge turned out.  It is not the beautiful picture that is in my original post. I found that picture.  I do feel that this year I have gotten one step closer to Carol’s fudge.  Her fudge looked similar to this but it was white not carmel colored.  The texture came out this year which has been the most difficult part for me in past years.  The taste of the fudge is like hers.  My kids even like it even though they don’t like eating peppermint candy canes.  So I am almost there.  Maybe by the fifth time I will make it! 

Today I am going to make the same fudge recipe only with cherry candy canes and cherry extract.  I tried making that last year too, but it didn’t harden like it was supposed to.  I am guessing it is because of the sour cream, but that is what makes this fudge so good!

Thank you for all of the nice comments in my previous post.  This is the first time I’ve ever had more than 100 people look at my post so it is neat to have such positive comments from total strangers! 


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