Blind Trust

Today Abigail and Josiah were big helpers.  My husband is a visually impaired pastor.  We live in a parsonage that is located by the church but is separated by a creek.  After we came the church built a bridge so we could cross it.  Sometimes my daughter will guide her daddy across to his office and at other times I will guide him by cell phone.  Since it was a very cold day Travis decided that it would be best if I led him back to the house for lunch by cell phone so that Abigail wouldn’t have to go out in the cold.  So when he was ready to leave he called back and Abigail answered the phone.  I thought maybe she could guide him back part way and then I would guide him over the bridge, since that is the hard part, but she was doing a good job.  Josiah saw what was happening and thought he needed to be involved and so he had a turn on the phone to direct him also.  Travis did make it back safe and sound but he did get hit by a tree branch on the way.  Abigail is 6 and Josiah is almost 3 so there was a bit of yelling going on, but you could tell that they felt good being able to help him.  I was impressed with not only my children but my wonderful husband who let it all happen with grace.  I’m not sure I would have handled it so well.


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