Snow Day!

It is snowing like crazy outside and so we decided it would be a good idea to enjoy the snow by watching an old movie.  We subscribe to Netflix and I love it because we’ve been able to enjoy all sorts of old movies and cartoons.  Today we are watching “Gnome-Mobile.”  When Abigail saw the picture on the DVD she asked if it is another Mary Poppins movie because it has the children from that movie on this cover.  We have never watched it before but the kids like it so far.  There are talking animals in it and it is quite funny to see since the computer animation age has come so far since then.  As a preview on this DVD they showed the “Apple Dumplin Gang.”  Travis has seen it before but the kids and I have not.  It looks fun.  It also showed the previews to several other old movies.  Do you remember seeing the “Love Bug” or the original “Flubber” movie?


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