Big Trip in June

We are planning a big trip to Orlando, Florida in June to go to a convention as well as celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary.  We are very excited about going.  There is one drawback, the 15 hours of driving that will take place!  And that is only one  way!  So we will break up the trip into two days.  Thankfully I will not be the only driver so that will be nice.  My wonderful mother-in-law is coming with us so we will even get to go out to dinner without the kids on our anniversary.   We have friends coming along as well so it will be a great time. 

Last year for our vacation we went to Atlantic Beach, NC.  It was on a timeshare resort that was near the beach.  It was a great vacation that was given to us by someone from our church.  We were so thankful to receive such a wonderful gift.  That trip took 15 hours as well.  No actually it took much much longer, but according to mapquest it should have only taken 15 hours but it does not have a check box for “driving with young children” built into the time calculations.  Anyway, in order to help our children be manageable, I planned for some things in the van.  There are great sites that have ideas and we happen to have a creative friend named Connie who helped us get some more ideas.  I took a timer and set it for one hour and when the timer went off Abigail would give me a ticket (made by me) and I gave her something that would occupy Josiah and Abigail’s time for a while.  The purpose of the tickets were to show Abigail how much longer the trip was going to take.  It worked beautifully.  They both loved it.  It was fun coming up with things and seeing their reactions when they received something to do or eat was well worth the effort.  One time toward the end of the first day of driving, (which was 14 hours) Josiah had had enough riding and was screaming and the beeper went off.  He immediately stopped crying and wanted the next surprise.  It was great.  I was so glad that beeper went off! 

Here are some of the things I had in my bag that I can remember:
Pipe cleaners to make things, interesting candy like pop rocks, whistle lollipops, small stuffed animal, small coloring books, a new book, and small magna doodle.

This year I need new ideas.  If you have any suggestions please please let me now.  I am starting to collect things for the bag now.  During the trip last time I ran out of little things since it took longer than we were expecting so I will have to prepare for more than 15 hours worth.   


2 thoughts on “Big Trip in June

  1. Wow–when are you going? We are also going to Daytona Beach/Orlando in very late May/early June! We will be there for our 8th wedding anniversary! I am also compiling a “bag of goodies” for the same purpose. One thing I am excited about is a view-finder. You know, the thing you put the round thing in that has 15 small pics and you pull the lever for it to turn?!? I also bought inexpensive disney DVDs, for Ari to watch brand new on the trip. Other than that, I have similar items, such as new books, coloring books, drawing pads, etc. My friend sent me an email with all kinds of ideas..I am forwarding it to you right now!!

  2. Hi Tritzi,
    My name is Jane and I’m with Dwellable.
    I was looking for blogs about Atlantic Beach to share on our site and I came across your post…If you’re open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

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