Meet Haddie

This special little girl is Haddie.  She was adopted into her forever family from China.  She has a big sister named Hannah who was also adopted from China.  The oldest is their brother Noah.  Haddie was born with malformed ears which causes her to have need for a hearing aid.  She wears one that has a band that goes around her head. 

Not too long ago, Colette (Haddie and Hannah’s mother) contacted me to order some accessories.  I was so excited to learn about their family and make the accessories for Haddie’s headband.  With a snap clip she is able to attach the accessory right on the band.  I asked Colette if she would share with me her adoption story.  It was so wonderful.  Please take time to read her story in her own words.  Lifesong adoption story.  I love reading stories like these.  I hope you take the time to read it too.  It will make you smile and a bit teary eyed too.  It shows how good and faithful God is. It also introduces you to a wonderful family, who with faith, grew their family and honors God in the process. 


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