I enjoy make-up.  I especially enjoy affordable make-up.  There is a site that my friend told me about that I thought I would share if you are like me and enjoy make-up.  The site is  They sell their products very reasonably, especially if you like mineral make-up.  The only drawback is that there is no SPF in their product but if you use a face lotion with some in it then it’s not that big of a deal.  The part I like best about this site is that you can try their foundations and blush and you pay just the shipping which is just over $3. You get a few different shades of foundation so you can know what is best for you.  You choose the shades you want to try.  I also like the sample sizes of eye shadows.  They have a lot to choose from and you can play around with different colors. The sample sizes are only $2.50 and they aren’t so small that they only last for one or two applications.  They last a while.  You do need brushes to apply it but their brushes are very affordable too.  If you have never tried mineral make-up and were thinking about it then this site be just what you need to try it out.  This mineral make-up does not have talc in it in case you were wondering.   


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