Engagement Story

10 years ago today my husband proposed to me and this is what I wrote to my friends in an email. 

I don’t normally do mass e-mails but I thought this would be the easiest way to communicate to everyone what has happened to me recently.  I am happy to tell you that I am engaged to marry Travis Peterson!  I am very excited and the date is June 11th.  I know that for most of you this may come as a shock. I have been talking to Travis since December 31st of 99. (Some of you know who Travis is and some of you don’t, but Travis is a man I dated a few years ago.) We had JUST been friends for a while, but one weekend, God laid on my heart to seriously pray about the issue of marrying Travis.  I prayed a lot about it, and I know that God told me that Travis is “the one.”  It was a shock to me too to be totally honest because I didn’t want it to happen, but when I gave God total control over the issue, I had a peace and a “knowing” that he was going to make me happy for the rest of my life.  So in a sense the whole thing has been a miracle from God.  He has totally orchestrated our relationship.  It’s going to be exciting to see what else he does with us in the future.   You are all probably wondering how the proposal happened… and well I would like to share that with you because it was pretty incredible.  

I went to visit Travis in Louisville, KY. on Friday.  Travis had told me that we would go on a date that evening for Valentine’s day since we didn’t get to spend it together.  He also told me that the evening would be a surprise, but pretty much because of Valentine’s day. 

I got there and Travis started out the day perfectly by going shopping.  He bought me an outfit to wear for the date that night.  I was very excited, as any girl would be.  I went back to the hotel and got ready.  Travis came with one of his friends to pick me up.  This was a big deal too me because I didn’t have to drive! (His friend had a nice SUV). Travis walked out with a single rose, and escorted me to the car.  His friend drove us to downtown Louisville.  He pulled up to a nice hotel. I got out and asked Travis “What are we doing at a hotel?” and he said, “just go to the top floor.” So we went in the elevator to the top floor.  We were going to Spire, a revolving restaurant.  It was GORGEOUS!  It was absolutely wonderful.  Since it had rained all day it made it even more beautiful because all the water made everything shine.  We enjoyed a wonderful dinner, and all the while I was thinking how wonderful it would be if someone proposed at this restaurant.  Well we left the restaurant and went down to where we were dropped off, and he ran into one of his friends…”what a coincidence.” His friend handed him this bag, and asked Travis to take care of it since he got called into work.  So his friend left, and we went on to the drop off spot.  Once we got to the curb, Travis asked, “what cars are out here?” and I said “well there are a few cars and two limo’s”  Travis then said  “lets look at the limo” and I give him a weird look, and said “what in the world for” and he insisted so we looked and the drivers weren’t in the limo’s, I was glad.  Well the drivers came back and one of the Bell people asked “are you Travis Peterson”? And as he answered the limo pulled up and the bell person opened the door, just like a movie.  I look at the bell person and said ” ARE YOU SURE!!?”  And Travis said “JUST GET IN.” 

We got in and he asked “do you want to see what’s in the bag?” and I said “SURE”.  I couldn’t see what was in it because it was dark, but I could smell strawberries.  He had strawberries, and chocolate and whip cream to dip them in, and he also had a box of … yes you guessed it, DOTS!(I love DOTS) So we fed each other strawberries and had a fun time cruzin’ in a limo.  We made one stop and I said “There’s Jay and Kristie”…”what a coincidence”  Jay tapped the window and said  ” I always wondered who drove around in these things” and he handed Travis a wrapped box.  Travis handed me the box, and I thought this is the Valentines gift and the evening was about to wrap up, well I was WRONG!  I opened up the box and it was a pearl necklace and earrings.  It was beautiful!  Then we kept driving and we stopped again.  And yes we saw a couple more of his friends.  They had Travis’ guitar with them.  He handed him his guitar, and Travis sang ballads.  80’s ballads no less.  They were beautiful too.  Afterwards we headed towards the Seminary.  As we were giving the driver directions he turned to me and said “I’ve been married for 27 years…and what I’ve got to say:  he’s a KEEPER!”

We got back to the Seminary and we walked to a small chapel that’s on campus.  The chapel is really beautiful.  He said “lets pray together and worship” so we prayed and sang together.  I thought worshiping with Travis was the best part of the evening and that nothing could get better.  Well I was WRONG again.  He said to me “I want to sing one more song” and he sang a song he wrote.  It was wonderful.  He told me to close my eyes, and he kept singing but put the guitar away.  Then he came over…I still don’t have a clue, and he got on his knees (he worked the proposal into his song he wrote)and sang the proposal.  I was SHOCKED needless to say.  IT WAS A SURPRISE!  I didn’t know it was going to happen at all till it did. 
All I could say was “yeah”. 

I was really gitty after that and so we walked around the campus in the FREEZING COLD!  But it was nice.  After the whole evening was over he even had gotten a friend to drive my car to the seminary.  He can be really sneaky!  : ) So this is my story.  I couldn’t have asked for a better night and proposal. 
I loved every moment of the evening.

This is the song Travis wrote and sang to me that night 10 years ago.

It was the way that you love Jesus

That first began drawing me to you

Your heart and your beauty

Set you far above all the girls I ever knew

But then I had to see

That a girl like that would never want anything to do with me

 It took the work of my Father in Heaven

To even make things start

I would have never imagined

The He would give to me your heart

And now I have to see

Truly my love for you was meant to be


And so I promise you

Sitting right here tonight

I’ll do everything I can

To make sure everything’s gonna be alright

Because I know you were made for me

And I was made for you

And I dream of the day

When you’ll say I do

If I try to say all of why I love you

This song would never end

I want for you to love me too

And be my best friend

And I hope that you can see

You want to spend your life with me


All the praise and the glory

Goes to the Father above

Because He’s the only way

I Could ever win your love

He wipes away the pain of the past

And brings a life that’s new

And He’s the One to whom I pray

For you to say I do

Now I’ve tried with all I have

With you here tonight

To do everything I can

To make everything just right

But there’s just one more thing

I’ve gotta know from you

Mitzi, someday soon

Will you say I do


One thought on “Engagement Story

  1. Mitzi,
    I LOVE hearing this story again. It was so fun to play a small part in such an awesome engagement. The Lord is so good and faithful.

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