Give a Day Get a Day Program

As I posted earlier, we are planning a big trip to Orlando and on one of the days we are planning a day at Disney World.  The tickets are expensive!  But we found a way to get some tickets free!  Some of you may be aware of the Give a Day Get a Day program that Disney is doing this year to promote volunteering.  I think it is a great idea and we are going to take advantage of the program and get free tickets for at least three of us.  The program has a minimum age limit of 6 so Josiah cannot participate in the program.  One of the options in the program is to make blankets for the Linus Project.    We are super happy to help a great organization by giving them fleece blankets made by us.  At JoAnn they have kits to make No Sew Fleece Blankets and over the weekend they were half off so we bought some and are ready to start cutting and tieing them together.  I am glad that Abigail can make the blankets with me.  There are other great opportunities on the site that is fun as well.  Friends of ours that are going with us volunteered at a Literacy Center during their Scrabble Tournament.  They had lots of fun as judges.  So check out their site and see what you might do.  It is worth it!


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