Another way to help

In my previous post I give a link about an opportunity to help meet a need for the Rescue Haiti Center which helps care for children.  I just received a note that gave more needs for those of you who cannot sew or may not find the time to sew.  They would like Bumbo seats which can be purchased at Walmart for $35 and if you do Site To Store then Debbie can pick up the item near her in Minneapolis to put in their crate to ship to Haiti.  They are shipping at the end of the month so time is short but it is doable!  They also would like Little Tikes Picnic Tables and this is also available at Walmart for $76.  It is a four sided table that seats 8.  This is something they need several of so if you know people who can pool together their resources to get one that would be nice.  I hope that this stirs action in you to help where you can!    

 Walmart Site to Store Info
Pick-up by:  Debbie Woodward
Her email address is:

The Store is Brooklyn Park, Minnesota


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