New Goal

I have a new goal for myself.  I would like to send Tritzis to every state in the United States!   Wouldn’t it be neat to have Tritzis be worn by a little girl in all 50 states!  I will give a special discount to the first person to order from a state to which I have never sent a Tritzi.



Here is a list of states to which I have sent Tritzis.

Illinois – Oct/2009
Indiana – Mar/2010
Idaho – Jun/2010
Iowa – Oct/2010
Minnesota – Jun/2010
Missouri – Nov/2009
Nebraska – Jan/2010
New Mexico – Nov/2009
South Carolina – Jan/2010
Texas – Mar/2010
Utah – Mar/2010
Pennsylvania – May/2010
California – Aug/2010
Ohio – Aug/2010
Tennessee – Sept/2010
Georgia – Sept/2010
Washington – Oct/2010
New Jersey – Nov/2010
Michigan – Dec/2010

Japan – July/2010


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