The Prettiest Microwave

“Don’t be fooled by the jewels that I’ve got, I’m still I’m still Mitzi from the block.”  I placed these on the microwave so that my husband, who is visually impaired, can now use the microwave whenever he needs to with ease.  The panel surface is flat so it was difficult for him to know what numbers he pressed when using it.  Despite his difficulty, he still used it to reheat items for our children or for himself.  He would count in order to know how long to leave the item in there.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t until recently that I thought of placing these jewels on the numbers.  Better late then never right!?  There are items that are sold on specialty website for the visually impaired that I could have gotten, but then our microwave wouldn’t be the prettiest microwave on the block!  Our daughter loves the jewels and thinks it is special.


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