Twin’s Birthday

Hannah and Mary modeled some of my first creations.  A week ago today, they turned 1.  James and Cindy didn’t know if this day would come a few years ago.  They were told by doctors that they would have to have medical intervention in order to get pregnant.  God didn’t see it that way!  The day they were scheduled to see another doctor for more testing is the day they found out they were pregnant!  Isn’t that wonderful!?  I love thinking about their story.  It was hard for James and Cindy to have doctors tell them that they needed help, BUT they got to experience a miracle and then God’s sense of humor when He throws in the news of twins a few months later!   I’m so thankful that God allowed me and my family to be around to witness this wonderful miracle unfold! 

These girls were born premature so James and Cindy had a lot to go thru but these girls were able to stay away from doctor visits due to sickness for almost the whole first year.  Not a lot of parents can say that!  Unfortunately, Hannah did catch something that took her to the doctor a few days before their birthday so we were unable to celebrate their birthday together, but we are happy that the girls are doing well. 
God shows His goodness and His power.

For their birthday I found these cute onesies and thought it would look fun with a tutu so I made them.   I hope they have fun in them!


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