Home Sweet Home

We have made it back safe and sound!  It was a wonderful trip.  Everything went really smoothly.  God blessed us tremendously.  Josiah and Abigail did really well on this trip.  I really could not have asked for better.   My favorite part about the trip was definitely the day we went to Disney World.  We enjoyed the whole day and the kids did a lot without a melt down.  I was thrilled.  The park was hot but experiencing it with our young children was so wonderful.  My husband wrote a post on our  Disney experience from his perspective.  

My other favorite part was our 10th Anniversary date!  It was so nice!  We enjoyed a great dinner at the Wolfe Gang Puck.  It was a nice 4 course meal that was delicious!  I have decided that telling people it is your anniversary wherever you go is a really good thing! 
You get free stuff!

We had baked Alaska for dessert.  I didn’t think of taking a picture of it till we started eating it.  It was really yummy!

At the beginning of our meal Travis handed me a small box across the table.  It was a beautiful ring.  I felt very special.  It was not just the ring itself but the effort he puts in to getting me a gift that makes me feel special.  If you haven’t read about his experience buying the gift here it is again. 

 For Travis’ gift we found him a St. Louis Cardinal hat he could wear to Disney World the next day.

We didn’t get a picture of us together on our anniversary unfortunately.  And this picture is the only one of just us.  We are in this together for life!  The bonds of marriage.  10 years down and Lord willing many many more to go!


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