Our new books

We got our curriculum in the mail so I thought I would share just a few tib bits that I thought was neat.

We bought the newcomers package that includes everything you need for 36 weeks worth of learning.  I was happy to see that they meant it!  It was neat to go thru each book and see what we will be reading.  It helped Abigail get very excited.

I appreciate that they placed all of the math manipulatives in this container for me and listed everything inside.

The books all looked wonderful but there was one in particular that I thought will benefit me.  This book of time is a simple bound book that has blank timeline pages in it that we will fill.  I am excited to go thru this book with Abigail.  My history is weak so this will help change that.

The last thing I wanted to share that I thought was neat was that one of the boxes could turn into a castle.  I have not had a chance to cut out the top but I have retaped the box and have the draw bridge cut out.  Josiah’s Ernie and Woody have made it into the castle already!

I love these small details when it comes to packaging.

So now we will begin our journey with Sonlight.


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