Cheap Table Decorations

Our church has an annual tradition of appreciating our older saints by giving them a banquet.  A few friends and I are preparing for this years banquet and we came up with a few things that I thought would be interesting to post on. 
At least I hope you find it interesting!

This year’s color scheme is going to be red, white and blue.  We are going for the Americana look.  We are going to use some nice red table cloths that I bought last year after Christmas at a great clearance price.

To keep costs down we have to be creative.  How does one be creative? With the help of the INTERNET!  Who needs to be creative when you have the internet.  There are so many pretty pictures of table decorations out there.  It is so amazing what people come up with. 

These are jars that are covered in Mod Podge.  You can buy Mod Podge in the craft area at Wal-mart.  Since I do not live near craft stores, this was a nice discovery!  I have never used Mod Podge before.  It is a kind of glue.  It does have a strong smell so don’t use it in a small room.  In order to make the jars the color you want you just use food coloring.  Isn’t that interesting!  Mix the Mod Podge and food coloring together and brush it on.  To create a bit of texture you can use a sponge or even Cling Wrap.  I used a sponge on mine.  It gave it that old bubbled glass look I was hoping for.  The best part about this Mod Podge is that you can peel it off if you don’t like how they turned out.  Or to just change the color for another color.  And if you already have jars and food coloring, you are only spending money on Mod Podge. 
Click here for the post where I found how to make these jars. 


The glow of the tea light masks any imperfections that I made on the jars!

To add to the look we added white beans and a ribbon.  Putting white beans in the jar came from another site but I can’t remember where.

We will also place paper stars on the table.  The paper stars idea came from Martha Stewart.  It is a very inexpensive way to dress up the table or room.  I think I will use the stars for Christmas decor too.  I will post that soon.


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