Scandalous by D.A. Carson

I am reading thru a few books right now, which I  don’t normally do, but yesterday I just started reading Scandalous by D.A. Carson.  I’ve only read a few chapters but it is really good.  The first chapter goes thru 4 ironies of the cross.  I was blessed to read this chapter and think about those ironies.  At the end of the chapter he talks about Jesus’ cry of despair.  D.A. Carson points out that Jesus made that cry so that for all eternity His children don’t have to.   It made me thankful to think upon that fact.  Christ endured it all.  I take that for granted too often.  I am thankful for this book to remind me not to do that.

Something else I thought while reading this first chapter was what a great way to introduce the meaning of irony to your children.  I’m not sure at what age you talk about what irony is but I am ready when it comes.


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