Our Church Picnic

We had our annual church picnic yesterday and it was very nice.  It looked like it was going to rain in the morning but it didn’t.  There is always good food to enjoy at these picnics.  We weren’t too creative in what we brought this year though.  We just brought biscuits and shells and cheese.  Some of our favorites this year were:   jello jigglers in the shape of footballs and football helmets.  They were even in the color of their favorite football team the Vikings.  So it was grape and pineapple flavored jigglers.    Another lady brought a taco salad that we love to eat when she makes it.  Another made a veggie pizza that has raw veggies on it that was really yummy.   And there were several great cookies on the table for dessert. 

My husband is so multi-talented!  He made balloon animals and swords for anyone who asked.

Some even became animals!

The only negative to the picnic were the mosquitos!!  We were eaten up!  So this morning I have moaning children who say how itchy they are.  Thankfully I have a Benadryl stick that seems to calm some of the itching. 


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