Bib Necklace

Have you ever heard of a bib necklace?  I had not until a few weeks ago.  I discovered them on Etsy.  I visit their site regularly for inspiration and to see what people are creating.  On Etsy you see so much creativity.  However, sometimes what you see there is a little odd at first.  I first saw a felt bib necklace from one of their featured sellers.  Then I began seeing them more often.  Bib necklaces are usually large and wide, and are made with many different materials.  It’s not the traditional necklace, but I have grown to really like them.  Not everyone will, but you might grow to like it like I did.  Especially after you see mine! : )

Here is my first attempt at a felt bib necklace.

Many of the bib necklaces are tied by ribbon.  I know it might seem strange but I think it would look nice if you had your hair pulled up. 
Stay tuned for my button bib necklace I made this week!


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