True Woman Conference

Over the weekend I had the privilege of going to the True Woman Conference in Indianapolis, IN.  It was an amazing time!  I wish I could convey what an incredible experience it is to go and participate in this conference.  It is really more than just a conference.  It is a movement.  It is a movement to call women to live out what God has called us to in scripture.  It is not an easy call but this conference helps women to understand it and support us to live it. 
Our role as women  affects a lot more than we realize! 
To be a True Woman is so counter-cultural! 

The conference had wonderful speakers who were genuine and could teach the scripture so well.   The worship was lead by Keith and Kristyn Getty.  They are known for the song “In Christ Alone”.  The conference is organized by Revive Our Hearts ministry, a ministry for women. 

At the end of the conference they did a special ceremony to affirm a statement of belief and 6100 women affirmed it together.  It is called the True Woman Manifesto.  Please check it out to see if you want to be apart of this movement too!  You can sign it online.  If you do happen to read it and affirm it, would you let me know!  I would love to hear from you.

This conference is offered every other year.  There is only one other location that it is offered this year.  It is in Ft. Worth TX in October.  If you are in the Ft. Worth area, I would highly recommend it!


One thought on “True Woman Conference

  1. I’m so glad you all had a wonderful time! Maybe I can go in 2 years! The girls will be 3 (does that seem even possible…?) and could do without me for a couple of nights! 🙂

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