Mom 2 Mom Sales

I have completed my first real public sale of Tritzis on Saturday!  The exposure and the practice of having a booth was good.   The Mom 2 Mom sale is a big yard sale that is hosted at a school.  The PTO organizes it.  I didn’t know exactly who and how they did these sales until I went.  These sales are so great.  I knew that it was a wonderful idea, but I am even more convinced now!  The PTO raise a lot of money for the school at these events.   They have different school groups provide concessions  so they can make money for their groups too.  The high school kids took orders for lunches they were selling  from the table renters and they brought the lunches to you!     The school makes a good bit of money since they charge a $1 entrance fee and they even have an early bird so if you were willing to pay more you can get in 30 minutes early.  There was a line at this one!  They have a “big ticket room,” which is a room full of strollers, big toys, pack n’ plays, cribs, etc.  I was amazed at the number of wonderful things you could buy used at a great price.  It all looked great too.  The people who were selling these items were charged a $1 fee, so that was another way the school made money as well.  It seems like a lot of fees here and there, but so many people came that you make it back.  Plus most people pay to advertise for a yard sale in the paper anyway right?  So the fees at least are comparable to that.    At the end of the event the Salvation Army brought a truck for people interested in donating items they didn’t sell.   How great is that!  It was so well-organized, I was truly amazed.  Thank you MOM 2 MOM for having me!

The halls, cafeteria, and gym had tables.

The ladies were so organized at each table too!

Here was my booth.

Here is my great helper!  This is Valerie, my niece, who modeled the flowers for me.


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