The Henry Ford Museum

One of the fun things we got to do while in Michigan was visit this museum.  It was really interesting.  The children enjoyed themselves even though they probably didn’t understand the significance of most of what they saw.   There were all sorts of vehicles, planes, and trains.   They had memorabilia and furniture for different eras too.  It’s hard to put all of the pictures I took there so I will only put a few. 

The trains don’t look pretty like they used to.

They had this bun mattress where you could become the hot dog and have the fixin’ laid on top of you.  Everyone had a turn being a hot dog.  Well, everyone except me!

At the museum, a model T is taken apart and put back together everyday.  Abigail, Josiah and their cousins all had a turn putting a piece of the model T together.

We went back to the display once the whole car was put together.


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