Apple Butter Festival

Here are some pictures from the Apple Butter Festival.  There were many people who came.  The website says 100,000 people typically come thru the two-day event and since the weather was perfect, I don’t doubt that there were that many people.

This festival had a variety of things you could buy.  There were over 500 vendors there.  A lot of people who came thru our booth said that there were not as many handcrafted things for sale like in years past.  I didn’t get to walk around nearly as much as I would have liked but it seemed like there were more flea market type of items for sale.

I shared a spot with Christina, aka Bo Creations.  We had a great time together.  Christina’s button is on my side bar.
She makes personalized bow organizers and frames.
Great gifts for Christmas!

We changed locations on the second day.  Someone did not show up for their spot so we got permission to move there since it seemed like a better one.  We changed our setup so we had more room for people to look at our items.  We definitely had more people come and look at our booth than the day before.

I had a good time selling my flowers and learning how to display them.  I did learn that a two-day event is a little more than I want to do next time.  I think I will stick to one day craft fairs from now on.  Christina and I plan to do a Craft Fair in December.


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