Diaper Cake

Have you ever heard of a diaper cake?  It is rolled up baby diapers put into the shape of a 3 tiered cake.  My friend is having a baby shower for her sister this weekend.   She asked me if I would make some flowers for her diaper cake that she was getting ready to make.  I had never made one before but I was interested in doing it so I asked if I could make it for her.

Here are the things I used.

Two Newborn Diaper packages make one small 3 tiered cake.  The ones I saw online were huge, so they must have used a different sized diaper.  I used two baby bottles, candy, baby hair ties, rubber bands, ribbon, double-sided tape, 6 skewer sticks, 6 pipe cleaners, 6 korker bows, 2 laced headbands, and 12 Tritzi flowers.

The bottle in the bottom tier is filled with Twix to give it some weight.  I rolled the baby diaper and secured it with the hair tie.  Then secured the tier with a rubber band.  It is really simple.  And it didn’t take that long to do.  I got all the diapers rolled and put into a cake within one hour.

I placed the ribbon around each tier and secured it with the double-sided tape.  I used the korker bows on top since it made a better bouquet.  I wrapped the skewer sticks with pipe cleaners.  The bows were clipped on the skewer sticks and placed inside the bottle.  I put two small headbands on the top tier.

Ta Da!  I made my first Tritzi diaper cake!


3 thoughts on “Diaper Cake

  1. Adorable! We have had quite a few of those at church. A girl here makes some cute themed ones. But a Tritzi diaper cake is a great idea! I love it! You did a great job.

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