Advent Basket

I first heard about an advent basket from Molly Piper’s Blog.  It sounded like a neat idea so I began praying for the right person to give it to.  God answered my prayer and also gave me the idea to include others in preparing the basket so that the person receiving it would feel love and encouragement from many people and not just from me.  The Advent basket is filled with 25 gifts that is to be opened 1 a day for the next 25 days till Christmas.  We put 25 different passages on each gift so that our friend can meditate on them for each day.

So today Abigail and I will be delivering our basket, actually a box to our special friend.  If you have a moment I would appreciate you praying for our friend.
She has had a rough year and is in the hospital.
Thank you for praying!



3 thoughts on “Advent Basket

  1. OH, fun! One year when I was teaching, one of my students gave me something like that. It was lots of fun to open something each day. It was definitely a blessing! I’m sure they will love it!

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