Craft Fair

I sold Tritzis at a “craft fair” this past Saturday.  It was held at a high school.  I would say that the selling part was just okay.  Since this event was a “craft fair” I thought maybe I would do better than at the Apple Festival, but I didn’t.  Many of the crafters were disappointed I think and some even left early.  It could be that the weather played a factor.  It rained at the beginning and was very very cold by the end.  At least it was indoors!  And there was no ice on the roads when I drove home, so that was good.  It’s hard to know exactly what to expect at these things.  It is always a risk, but I am glad I went.

The best part about a craft fair is seeing what people made and becoming more inspired.  I bought a few fun things as Christmas gifts and will share more about them this week.

And also to come, another attempt at my Peppermint Fudge this weekend.  I make it every year and so far have not gotten it right, so maybe this is the year!  We will see.



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