Peppermint Fudge – take 4

Every year at Christmas I make peppermint fudge from a recipe I received in 2007.  To read about how I received this recipe and to see the recipe go here.  I still haven’t gotten it quite right.  Last year it turned out more carmel colored but the texture was right for the first time.  This year, the color is closer to white but the texture is wrong!  Ugh.  I have ruled that this is not the year once again for perfect Carol Travis Peppermint Fudge.  Maybe the 5th try?  Here are a few pictures from attempting it this year.

Abigail helped me.

What makes this fudge so yummy is the sour cream in the recipe.

My guess is that I again boiled the mixture too long since the texture didn’t turn out right.  It came out more powdery if that makes any sense.  When I finished boiling the mixture it didn’t pour out onto the wax paper.  It was more crumbly,  which did not happen before.  So I had to pack it down in the container.  It looks good, but when you bite into it you know that it is not right.  Oh well.  It was fun trying for the 4th year.  I’m not giving up!

After writing the post above:

I was cleaning up the kitchen after making the fudge and I discovered something very important.  The reason I didn’t get the texture right for the fudge was because I left out an ingredient!  I left out the marshmallow fluff.  That is why the texture wasn’t smooth!  I told my husband and he gave me a little grief since I have been doing that type of thing often lately.  To much on my mind I guess!  Silly me…


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