DIY Spring Flower Pens

I made these pens and put them in a bucket as gifts for some friends this past Christmas.  I thought this would be a fun project to do for spring too.  You can make spring flowers and decorate your home.  The kids would have fun too.  If you would like some Tritzi flowers for your pens, I can send some for you for $1 a flower!

Here is what you need:  A package of pens, a small bucket (I got mine at target for $1), scrapbook letters, ribbon, hot glue, lighter and Tritzi flowers!

First wrap the pens with ribbon.  I used a school color theme with my bucket.

When you wrap the pen make sure you heat the ends with a lighter first.  Then use a dab of hot glue at the top and start wrapping.

Use the hot glue gun again at the end to keep the ribbon on.  Then on the end use the hot glue gun to put the flower on.

I used another peice of felt and glued it on the back to secure the flower more.

In the bucket I placed white beans in order to keep the flowers in the center.


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