Why I sell my flowers

I am making my felt flowers to help an orphan care ministry called Team Chenzhou.  The woman standing next to me is Shannon.  She began going to one of the orphanages that she adopted one of her two chinese daughters from back in 2010.  She takes teams with her to minister to the children there.  She is very dedicated to orphan care in China!  She has developed a tremendous relationship with this orphanage and it is amazing to hear what her team is able to do because of this relationship she has formed.  She is taking 2 teams with her next year.  Going over consistently to this orphanage has opened many doors for God conversations.  Continuing to show love for the staff and children has made a huge impact.

The craft fair we did this past weekend to raise money for her and her teenage daughter Makena went well.  We were hoping for more traffic but we did receive more than when we came in, which is good.  We plan on doing one more this month.  Hopefully that one will do better.  You never know how they will go.

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2 thoughts on “Why I sell my flowers

  1. You don’t know the excitement that entered our home the day we got the news saying Tritzis were coming back to life! And now to hear that you are teaming up with one of my adoption heroes – it just couldn’t get any better than that! May God bless you both richly as you step out in obedience to Him!
    Colette U.

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