Girlfriends Cafe

The Women’s Ministry at our church is doing an event called Girlfriends Cafe.  It is a fellowship event that will give the ladies in our church an opportunity to have time to talk and encourage one another.  The idea came from a woman who does it at another church and has put together a kit of what they have done.  Go here to see.  I am looking forward to it and hope that many ladies come!

Since we are doing this event I thought we should make some flyers and these are some of the photos that my friend took.  My friend Christina is so talented and kind for helping me!

coffee cup coffee and Bible coffee two

Her photography is called Adelfia Photography.  We went to a coffee shop together and she started snapping pictures.  It was fun.  Sometimes it was really funny because we tried to get the right angle so no unsightly bulges were visible.  You know what I mean right!?  The hands are mine in the photos and I didn’t even think to clean them up a bit for the photo shoot!  So they had some ink stains and bad nails cause I am a mom of three young ones!!  I told Christina that she will have to use her magic skills and take out anything yucky.  She had a remote for her camera so that we could sit together in the last one.  Didn’t they all turn out nice?  Thank you so much Christina!

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