Magnet Board

Magnet board 1

I wanted to make something to give for Mother’s Day. So this is what I came up with. I saw a pintrest as inspiration for the one I made. Go here and here for my inspiration. It cost me around $15 or so to make this. This one might have cost more than the ones that were made by other people but here is what you need if you want to make one like mine:

Scrapbook paper

craft paint

Mod Podge

Strong glue like gorilla glue

12X12 metal sheet – I bought mine from Home Depot for $4.97

14X14 canvas – you can usually get a deal on one at Michaels.


magnets – I bought it from hobby lobby with the 40% coupon so it was $3.20

bottle caps – I bought these at half off at hobby lobby $1


staple gun

Magnet board steps

#1 – Choose the scrapbook paper that you want to use.

#2 – Take your metal sheet and cover it with mod podge. Then place the scrapbook paper on it. NOTE: DO NOT PUT MOD PODGE ON THE TOP UNTIL IT HAS HAD TIME TO DRY.

#3 – Once the scrapbook paper is securely on the metal sheet then put a coat of mod podge on top. If you do this while it is wet on the bottom it will not go well. I learned the hard way!

#4 – If you want your canvas to be a different color other than white then paint the canvas.

#5 – Once the metal sheet has a pretty scrapbook paper on it all dry and nice and your canvas is like you want it then glue it down onto the canvas.

#6 – Now make the canvas look pretty! Place embellishments like paper flowers like I did, or put some ribbon along the metal sheet.

#7 – Now for the magnets. I bought magnets from Hobby Lobby. I used coordinating paper and cut circles to glue in the bottle caps and then glued the magnets on them.

#8 – The last thing to do is use your handy dandy staple gun to secure some ribbon on your canvas. I used a staple gun since the frame of the canvas is wooden. I thought it would keep the ribbon on it best.

Magnet board 1

And there you go. Another gift idea. I made this to go on my mother-in-law’s kitchen wall. She has light yellow walls. I think I may make another one for myself! It is useful to have more magnet space since the fridge gets taken up by precious art work!


DIY Paper Bows for Gifts

I learned to make these bows when I was in high school from a Doll maker.  I’ve been making them every Christmas ever since.  It is a great way to save on bows at this time of the year.  Here is a tutorial on how I make them.

What you need:  scissors, wrapping paper, and tape.

#1: cut the wrapping paper.  It depends on how big you want the bow to be but for a typical bow 8 inches wide and 6 inches long is good.

#2: fold the paper in half.

#3: And begin cutting the paper in 3/4 of an inch sections. Be sure to leave at least 3/4 of an inch in the center.

#4: curl the sections with your scissors.  See how I made a mistake and pulled a section off when I tried to curl it.  This will happen from time to time but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it.  The other curled pieces will hide it.

#5: unfold the paper and start folding the paper like an accordion.


#5: pinch the center and tape it down on the gift.

#6: fold and fluff the bow until it looks like you want.

That’s it!  I hope this is helpful!


Advent Basket

I first heard about an advent basket from Molly Piper’s Blog.  It sounded like a neat idea so I began praying for the right person to give it to.  God answered my prayer and also gave me the idea to include others in preparing the basket so that the person receiving it would feel love and encouragement from many people and not just from me.  The Advent basket is filled with 25 gifts that is to be opened 1 a day for the next 25 days till Christmas.  We put 25 different passages on each gift so that our friend can meditate on them for each day.

So today Abigail and I will be delivering our basket, actually a box to our special friend.  If you have a moment I would appreciate you praying for our friend.
She has had a rough year and is in the hospital.
Thank you for praying!


Diaper Cake

Have you ever heard of a diaper cake?  It is rolled up baby diapers put into the shape of a 3 tiered cake.  My friend is having a baby shower for her sister this weekend.   She asked me if I would make some flowers for her diaper cake that she was getting ready to make.  I had never made one before but I was interested in doing it so I asked if I could make it for her.

Here are the things I used.

Two Newborn Diaper packages make one small 3 tiered cake.  The ones I saw online were huge, so they must have used a different sized diaper.  I used two baby bottles, candy, baby hair ties, rubber bands, ribbon, double-sided tape, 6 skewer sticks, 6 pipe cleaners, 6 korker bows, 2 laced headbands, and 12 Tritzi flowers.

The bottle in the bottom tier is filled with Twix to give it some weight.  I rolled the baby diaper and secured it with the hair tie.  Then secured the tier with a rubber band.  It is really simple.  And it didn’t take that long to do.  I got all the diapers rolled and put into a cake within one hour.

I placed the ribbon around each tier and secured it with the double-sided tape.  I used the korker bows on top since it made a better bouquet.  I wrapped the skewer sticks with pipe cleaners.  The bows were clipped on the skewer sticks and placed inside the bottle.  I put two small headbands on the top tier.

Ta Da!  I made my first Tritzi diaper cake!

Creative Gifts

I enjoy being creative in my giving.  I don’t always accomplish it since it does take some planning, but it is a fun giving experience.  You may already know about these sites, but just in case you don’t, I thought I would give you some sites that may help you be creative.

I have recently started buying personalized gifts from ArtsCow.  I have really enjoyed the quality of their products, and best of all their low prices.  I have ordered a 6×6 photo book, cosmetic bags, a memo pad and an umbrella.  I have been happy with all of the items.  I got the book for 99 cents, the memo pad for free, the umbrella for $17.99, and 3 small cosmetic bags for $8.
These are all prices that include shipping.
These were sale prices, but they have them running a lot.


The cosmetic bag is my favorite so far.  They are running this sale again.  You can get 3 of the same small cosmetic bag for $8 total.  That includes shipping!  You can’t beat a bag for $2.67.   Go to their site then enter this code at checkout 3CBAGSFOR8.  It is good until Nov. 24th.  If this sale doesn’t interest you, I would still sign up for their email list.
They have great sales like this one running all the time.

I really love my bags.  The pictures are clear and the bag is a great size to fit into a purse.  It even has a small zipper pocket inside.  I got many of them for grandmothers and great grandmothers!  The site really has unique gifts.  I feel like they have more options that other sites like them.  The only down side I have found is that it takes a few weeks to get your order.   They are shipping from Asia so it has taken at least two weeks to get my orders.
But really it is worth it!  Just plan ahead.

The other site I thought I would recommend is the site You can Make This.  I think it is a great site to help your creative juices!  Especially, for those who want to save money by making their gifts.  I like looking at their site to get ideas.

I hope this is helpful!