Coming Back

I am sorry for not getting my site back up as quickly as I had hoped!  It is taking a lot longer than I expected.  I have been making my flowers along with a new item for the Orphan Ministry that has taken up a lot of my time so it has been hard to stop and post anything and create pages.  I am making these mother’s nest necklaces.  It is a personalized necklace.  A bead for each child.  I have made many that represent grandchildren as well as a nest that represented children and grandchildren.  I made one with 11 eggs!  You couldn’t see all of them in the front but they were all there.  I started making these necklaces about a month ago and have been able to raise over $1000 dollars!  I’ve never raised that much in such a short amount of time so I am super excited.
So again I am sorry for the delay in reworking my site.  I will continue to work on it as I can.  I appreciate your patience!

A mother's nest


Cluster of Flowers

Recently, I tried something new with one of my flower styles and clustered some flowers together to make a pin.

You can wear it this way.

Or this way.

Small Stitched Flowers

My friend sent these photos of her daughter Naomi and I had to share!  She is wearing a small stitched flower.  Doesn’t this picture just make you smile.

Mackenzie and Babs met in Dakar, Senegal, which is home to Babs.   Mackenzie went there as a short-term missionary.  Isn’t it neat how God puts people together for His glory.  Only God knew that Mackenzie would meet her husband-to-be when she decided to go to Africa to spread the Gospel.  Now they live in the states and have two beautiful children.  Naomi and her older brother Jonah.



Teacher Gifts

Christmas will be here before you know it and you don’t want to be without a gift for your children’s beloved teacher right!?  A Tritzi pin would be a great gift.  You can make any flower a pin so you have a variety of prices!

Glitter Black Felt Flowers

The glitter black flowers went really well at the Apple Festival.  I made some of these headbands right before I left and they sold right away.

Here are some pins.  These pins have rhinestone buttons in the center that are really nice.  These pictures do not do the button justice!  It is very sparkly in person.

These are large full triangle vintage flowers.  They are $9 each. 
Christmas is fast approaching!

Baby Ballerina Slippers

I found these slippers recently.  Are they not adorable?!  I only have a few Zebra print slippers though.  The site I ordered it from sold out quickly.  I will have to see how well the slippers sell this weekend.


Karlee’s Photo Shoot

Little princess Karlee posed for me this week.  She is 4.  She loves being girly!

Size: Medium
Petal: Rounded Pointy
Color: Lavender Tie Dye
Center: Jewel
Backing: Snap Clip

Size: Medium
Petal: Triangle
Color: Glitter Orange
Center: Jewel
Backing: Alligator Clip

Velvet Headbands

The new velvet headbands I have available are in black, burgundy, silver, and brown.  The sizes come in small (0-6 months), medium (6-18 months), and large (18 months – adult).  Currently I have small.  I will have some medium soon, and some large black. 

Kayla’s Photo Shoot

This is Kayla.  She is 10.  She came over and helped me tag my flowers I am getting ready to sell at the Apple Festival.  She is such a wonderful helper!  She is apart of the “Tritzi Team” as my daughter likes to call it.

New Velvet Headbands! Just $2.

Small Vintage Tritzis are $5

These two button styles are lead tested.