My Mom’s Friends

This week my mom sent me a package with some yummy things in it.  She sent me a special box of candy that her friend from Fukushima, Japan sent to her.  It was nice of her to share it with me.  This beautiful candy is made in an old candy shop in Kyoto, Japan, but once a year a store in Fukushima has it so my mom’s friend buys it and sends it to her.  This candy is sometimes served in a Japanese Tea Ceremony.  When I lived in Japan I was apart of the Japanese Tea Ceremony Club.  It was a wonderful experience.  It is a beautiful ceremony that I wish I could perform now, but receiving this candy made me think of those memories so that was nice.

This time her friend also sent a box of nice chocolates.  I think it is so nice to have a friend who will send something special like that every year.  My mom has another friend from Finland that she has not seen for 30+ years and they still exchange Christmas gifts every year.  My mother has not lived in the same place for those 30 years so it wasn’t always easy to send her something, but she has always received a gift.  Growing up I remember my mom getting those packages and it was so fun to see what was inside.  It became a fun part of Christmas to see what Tulla sent.  I hope that I am a friend like my mom’s friends, a friend who shows kindness consistently.   


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