Senior Appreciation Banquet

Every year we host a banquet to honor the senior citizens or who we affectionately call the older saints in our church.  The banquet is a long-standing tradition where the younger serves the older.  A few years ago the baton was passed on to me and a few other ladies to coordinate this event.  It isn’t always easy to know what a different generation might enjoy and be encouraged by but I think they enjoyed this years banquet.  For entertainment we had three men sing hymns and worship music and then we had a dramatic reading done by another gentleman.   

Of course during the business of the whole day I forgot to take pictures of the final table decorations for the post, but I will tell you what we did.   We did manage to save quite a lot on the decorations.  I think we spent around $20 and we decorated 5 tables.  Check out previous posts on how to make the stars and jars.   Our church fellowship hall has a window between the kitchen and the main room.  In that window we hang the stars of varying sizes from the top.  It looked great.  I wish I had a photo!  I bought poster board in order to make a very large star.  It held up really well.  The table had navy scrapbook paper for the placemats.  The plates were white and the napkins were red with navy and white polka dot ribbon tied around it.  It look very “Americana!”


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